Myths & Facts about Foreign Brides

Internet has opened a whole new world of opportunities for singles around the world. The dating and matrimonial sites are thronged by
single men and women who are ready to mingle. They are no longer confined to their countries in their search for a life partner but are trying to know people from other continents and countries as well through international women dating agencies.

Dating foreign women is interesting and exciting as one gets to meet their potential foreign brides or soul mate from different parts of world. But, there are several myths surrounding foreign brides due to fraudulent mail order bride sites and scams, and misconceptions about foreign wives. Read ahead to know the truth about foreign brides.

Myth: A foreign bride is materialistic.

The most prevalent myth is that all a foreign bride wants is your money.Foreign brides are just like the brides from your country, they are women after all.
Financial security, no doubt, is important to them but they also want your attention, care, love and respect. Thus, it’s the emotions that count, not the country of origin. Even an American bride looks for a well-settled groom.

Your foreign bride can change your life forever and fill it with happiness and love. The fact that Latin countries have lowest divorce rate should be enough to shed light on the character of the foreign brides. Women registered at mail order bride agency or international dating site usually prefer becoming a foreign bride due to their weak economic situation, but at the same time they value their husband and family.

Myth: A foreign bride will dump you once she gets citizenship.

The other myth is that once a foreign bride gets the citizenship, she will dump her husband. It is rather inconsiderate of people who say so; because they never realize that a foreign bride leaves her home, friends, and family to be with the man of her dreams. Her difficulties of being in a new country with a different culture are never taken into account. A successful marriage is the one in which the couple works together towards building a relationship. A Latin wife always makes an effort to have a happy home and family and it would be wrong to say that she marries just for citizenship. The divorce rate of inter-country marriage is far below the divorce rate in the US.

Myth: A foreign bride is illiterate and uncouth,

One of the other myths surrounding a Latin wife is about their poor education. The truth is that most foreign brides are educated and have a college or university degree. They have no problem in understanding and speaking English. It would be fair to judge foreign brides after making an effort to know them. Judging someone on the basis of rumors is just like trying to judge a book by its cover. It’s impossible to measure the depth of a Latin wife’s emotions without giving her a fair chance.
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Myth: A foreign bride is docile and hence not compatible.

Foreign brides are submissive and servile is another myth. Their patience is often misjudged as obedience and submissiveness. The reality is that they work hard to hold the family together and are intelligent, wise and most-importantly loyal. They know how to handle family situations tactfully and keep everyone happy.

Now that you know that your foreign bride is beautiful, loving and caring, it’s time to find one.

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